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Friends of Lionel has one primary goal and that is to promote and circulate The Anti-Stigma for those who are living with serious mental illness.  We believe the use of vignettes is a positive approach to erasing or even preventing stigma in the first place.  It doesn't preach or get pushy, but rather teaches and entertains while painting a sensitive, positive image of those living with serious mental illness and how they live their lives. So, as you write your vignette try to keep our goal in mind and let your affection for your friend shine through; it just may rub off on your readers. And that is how we can turn rejection into affection.


Email submissions to Recommended word count is 500 to 1,800 words. Please include a little about how you know the person who you are writing about and a picture of each of you for use on line if you would like.  Be sure to include complete contact information on emails.  We do not accept anonymous or pseudonymous submissions.

Thank you for submitting your vignette to Friends of Lionel.  We value your privacy and will not share your information with others without your permission.

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