John & Pearl

Every now and then a romance bloomed at one of the buildings. Such was the case of John and Pearl at Richardson House.

John was a forty-year-old little boy who seemed to think life was one long party and he never took anything seriously. Because of his disability I was the representative payee for his SSI benefits. On one occasion when he came into my office and I gave him cash for his allowance he turned around, hand- ing some cash to the first person he saw and said, “Here, want some money?”, all the while not even trying to suppress the silly grin on his face. Tall and trim looking, John could easily pass for the guy next door who delivers pizzas for a living except that his shirt was always partially out of his pants.

Pearl was only about five feet tall, always wore a smile and a brightly colored dress. Her very round face made her look heavier than she actually was. She sounded intelligent, but a short conversation would always reveal that Pearl did not have a firm grip on reality.

Over a period of time the two of them became an item and actually, they made a very good-looking couple in spite of being sort of a mixed Mutt & Jeff pair.

One afternoon I got a call from my bank, which was located in New Berlin, Wisconsin; about 15 minutes outside of Milwaukee. John and Pearl were stranded out there. How did this come about? Because I was payee for John’s checks, he figured out where my bank, New Berlin State Bank, was located. The two of them had hired a cab and took the long ride out to New Berlin to get some of John's money out of his account. Of course the bank wouldn't give it to them and they didn't have enough money to get back home. John and Pearl, being the happy-go-lucky pair that they were, laughed and giggled all the way back home in the back seat of my car. To be perfectly honest, I don't think anyone could get angry with this couple.

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