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"If wealth could be measured in smiles, we were home to a pot of gold."

Meet the Characters


Joe Apollo is a real estate broker who turned entrepreneur when he accepted a 94-room boarding home in lieu of a real estate commission. The agreement launched him on a twenty year odyssey that would define and give purpose to his life, while affecting the lives of hundreds of low-income, indigent, elderly and handicapped individuals who had fallen between the cracks. And it introduced him to a very special segment of our population that our middle and upper class rarely get to know beyond passing them on the street, much less becoming their friend.

Laugh on one page, cry on the next. Be amazed on another. And feel your heart melt when you turn the page again, as you meet Joe's friends with their irresistibly endearing personalities. Follow his journey through twenty years of catching those too-often helpless, ignored and forgotten people who fell through the cracks.

Richardson House and East Samaria were home to 180 of them. Most were living with mental illness, while all were living with life-altering afflictions that challenged their independence. You will get to know them well, and love them as Joe did when you read the 40 vignettes of his fondest and most unforgettable memories of these remarkable individuals, along with his story and philosophy.

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You will discover a whole new category of friends, but I warn you, these friends will never be able to get you tickets to the next big game, co-sign a loan for you or attend your next gala.

But they will have you discover a corner of your heart you didn't know you had.

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Our Mission
It is the mission of Housing With Help, Inc. to provide the best possible living and support services for our residents. We strive to assist them in experienceing the most meaningful life-style attainable under the limitations of their handicap and in the least restrictive setting. We promote an atmosphere of community and encourage mutual support and peaceful interaction among our residents. Each resident is challenged to find their optimum level of independence while knowing always that we are there when they need a friend.



Memories of Endearing Personalities - An Illustrated Memoir - Book Cover

Memories of

Endearing Personalities

An Illustrated Memoir

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